Being good is no longer sustainable. Disruption and change are rampant.


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  • A more engaged team
  • A different approach to understanding and leveraging your
  • competitive advantage
  • A better chance of achieving long-term sustainability
  • Better leadership and execution
  • Less hurdles and stress, more action and fun!


This programme will:

  • Give you a snapshot of the present state of your business - your leadership style and the culture
  • Provide you with a sound understanding of innovation to create a competitive advantage
  • Assess your existing strategy and those of your competitors to enable you to build a winning plan
  • Help you think outside the box, working with other businesses
  • Assist you to identify the business capability you need to deliver - people, capital, systems and governance
  • Give you the confidence that you have the support and “buy-in” of the team to execute your plan

To survive in business these days, you need to innovate and have a clear competitive advantage.  Research shows that companies who innovate are at least two times more likely to succeed.


Jeremy Curragh

With my extensive commercial and professional sporting experience, I am able to share these learnings with organisations to drive optimal performance.

Focus areas include:

  • Business performance and development of business capability.
  • Playing 2 Win Strategic Planning: Facilitating strategy sessions using a unique framework that focusses on innovation and development of a competitive advantage. The strategy will identify where the business should target to ensure it WINS and is based on the “Playing 2 Win” Framework!
  • Governance and Advisory Board work to ensure the business continues to develop. This involves challenging the status quo and remaining future focussed.
  • Governance Best Practice.
  • Development of practical strategic plans for organisations ensuring these plans are measured.
  • Structural advice for sporting organisations including determining a structure that represents the key drivers of the organisation.


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Find out how you could receive a $7,000 subsidy for this programme


Andy Carruthers

I help business owners to grow and improve their businesses. With 23 years’ experience founding and operating 10 businesses in four countries, I know the value an outside set of eyes brings to clients, as well as the accountability that the  Business Performance Team deliver.

Focus areas include:

  • Sales and Marketing - owned Line2Line, a publishing business selling advertising and TimeZoneOne, an advertising marketing company. 
  • Business Systems - understands the latest technology and has done a lot of work for clients implementing new systems and streamlining processes.

Blair Impey

I specialise in business performance improvement and general management. My experience as a Management Consultant and General Manager has enabled me to achieve significant success in business turnaround in all business sizes.

Focus areas include:

  • Strategy - identifying competitive advantages and how to best align talent and resources to succeed. 
  • Innovation - creating new ways of thinking and application in all areas of business.
    Efficiencies - identifying and developing opportunities for operational improvement.
  • Engagement - developing techniques to best engage customers, staff and suppliers.
  • Planning - developing financial plans and action tracking that aid implementation.
  • Leadership and Culture - coaching leadership styles, cultural assessments and personality tests.

I have successfully run this programme across Otago, Central Lakes and Southland with each business achieving fantastic results (video testimonial available upon request). I am absolutely confident that this programme can deliver practical results with full client commitment. 


  • A 12-month programme split between group and individual sessions. Participants can expect to invest ~ 4 to 6 hours per month participating
  • $25,000 paid over 12 monthly instalments



“The INNOV8 2 GR8 course provided very helpful feedback on our strategy, leadership and culture across the business. Our business had multiple challenges and various options. As a result of the INNOV8 2 GR8 course, we mad changes to the business that have improved our direction, engagement and, ultimately, our financial performance.”

Mike Milne, Managing Director and Founder of Synergy Group

"I'd recommend the INNOV8 2 GR8 course to any business owner in the country. I learnt a huge amount, gaining confidence in discovering all the things I was doing well, and also understanding the areas I needed to work on.

Andrew Turner, Owner, Archgola