Our Growth Metrics Program is a performance measurement and change program designed to help you focus on what’s most important to you and your unique business.  The program aims to redefine and re-energise your tailored business strategy and expand your expertise to enable you to reach your business objectives – whatever they may be.

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Growth Metrics

"Growth Metrics originated
from a desire to help business owners make their dreams a reality. To make a positive impact on the world by
helping businesses grow exponentially."

Tim Dwyer

Program Founder

If you are seeking to grow and scale your business, our tailored program provides you with the fundamental growth framework to effectively measure your investment areas, better understand your competitors and create a robust gap analysis to unlock your business’ true potential. We will help ensure the energy you invest in your business will translate into better outcomes.

No one understands your business vision better than you do. ‘Growth Metrics’ is designed to work collaboratively with you to provide the tools and resources required to elevate your business to the next level. The program will focus on tailoring your own specific, goals orientated roadmap and will equip you with the tools and resources to navigate the journey and mitigate risk along the way.

“How do we create sustainable growth and increase our profit margins? – We build solid foundations”

The most successful businesses clearly define their vision and map a well-planned pathway to achieving their goals. They invest in the right systems, processes and people to support the scalable growth they strive to achieve.

We focus on three key principles for personal and business growth.

Is your business reactive? Does your vision keep changing?


Learn from likeminded business owners, from our interactive workshops and from our ongoing supported 90-day plans

What will I gain from the program?

  • The ability to apply practical and tested methods to effectively measure your business metrics, undertake gap analysis and focus on key solutions for your unique business
  • Redefined business infrastructure and a greater understanding of business phases and cycles
  • A re-energised and redefined business strategy, a clear plan on how to bring identified targetted initiatives to life, and the tools to embed them into your day-to-day business practice
  •  A wealth of tips and tricks to help you navigate challenges that you face now, and well into the future
  • Budget and succession planning tools and resources
  • A clearer understanding of which investment in systems, process and people are required to scale your business and the expertise to know when to implement change
  • A network of support from likeminded business owners
  • A supportive 90-day plan to guide you beyond our interactive 2-day workshop.

What's included: 

2-day workshop

  • Day 1: 10:00am-5:00pm
  • Day 2: 9:00am-3:30pm
  • With a 45 minute break (lunch provided)
  • Workbook
  • Time Utilisation Monitor
  • Capacity Model/Plan
  • Workbooks
  • Presentation Recordings
  • 90-Day Planner

Financial, Resource and Business Modelling 

  • Current to future financial model developed for your business
  • Capacity plan with steps mapped for each decision
  • Ideal organisational structure and resourcing requirements at each step of the journey
  • Budgets created for your business

Ongoing Networking
The program offers an invaluable opportunity to network with likeminded business owners, through our workshops, the ongoing webinar series and access to our broader social media community.

The ROI 
Having a clearly defined strategy in business allows us to avoid focusing our energy in unprofitable areas. Understanding the goals of your business, and the key drivers for success brings focus. When focus is properly channelled, critical decision making is easier to do.
Positive decision making results in greater confidence, better recruitment, better resourcing and ultimately more fun along the way.


Lighten the load by redefining your business proposition, setting out clear goals for success and maximising your own ROI


Take your business to the next level, increase revenue and scalability

“I would’ve closed within 6 months if I hadn’t completed the Growth Metrics course. Now we’re about to open our second studio, and we’ve been running at a 20% growth rate since completing the Growth Metrics course.
If you don’t feel confident that you know exactly what part of the business is generating the most revenue, the most profits, and has the most room for growth, then Growth Metrics will show you where to focus your energy so its not a wasted resource.
What Growth Metrics allowed us to do was show us where our energy was being spent and uncover how to leverage it to make better long-term decisions about where we wanted to go. The tools and knowledge Growth Metrics gave us to use we now utilise every day.”

Heath Lander

Owner of White Dog Studios

“Prior to the program I was doing at least 70 hours of work a week. The program made my life a lot easier. Growth Metrics made it simple to run the restaurant, and even freed me up to step away from running the restaurant day to day. My wife, kids, and siblings are all benefiting.
Now when I’m working I have all the support I need, and when I’m on holidays I can turn the phone off. Now I have the relief and the confidence that someone has our back
If you think you’re hitting a brick wall speak to this team and they’ll show you where it is and how you can take it down They’ve changed the way we do things and the way we look at things. We are getting that spark back.”

Sav Russo

Owner of Roma Restaurant

“While I was great at lots of things in my business, finances and numbers wasn't one of them. It was something I put off and when I did look at my numbers, I didn't really know what I was looking for beyond my P & L. Going through the Growth Metrics process and doing my capacity planning was one of the most valuable things I ever did for my business. Suddenly, I had clarity about exactly where we were at which allowed me to be strategic about what I needed to do next.
Since going through the program, I have been more on top of my numbers and better at planning and implementing the right projects, rather than doing things ad-hoc. The net result of this has been less stress and less uncertainty and ultimately a better sleep at night.”

Katherine Maslen

Founder and CEO of Brisbane Natural Health

“Growth Metrics program has fundamentally changed the way that we view and operate our business. The program gave us the tools we needed to be able to manage the increased growth our company was experiencing and also helped us to better utilise our time and money. Completing this program has undeniably added value to our business and provided us with a framework to facilitate future growth.”

Michael Young

Young’s Building Contractors (Gladstone) Pty Ltd

“I found the 2 day workshop and 90 day program to be a great place to start breaking down the fundamentals of business. By categorizing activities and focusing on the time spent there it gave me clarity on what I was doing and the problems I faced. I was able to put a strategy in place to start working out these problems so they are fixed once and for all.”

Mark Newman

Managing Director, Newmark Constructions


  • 6 months ongoing support, which includes a 90-day webinar series to learn and deepen the knowledge and relationships with your cohort.
  • Tailored Business Modelling delivered by a Growth Metrics Specialist

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